About us

Our mission statement

Help our clients to conclude the best possible transaction, thanks to the quality support of a senior partner dedicated to the completion of the transaction.

Our assets


A concern for excellence

Provide SMEs and entrepreneurs with high-end M&A advice and the sustained attention that large companies receive.


A Swiss culture

An investment banker with a polytechnic and financial background, experienced in M&A operations, with a local background and familiar with the Swiss business culture.

An international experience

International professional experience, expertise in cross-border transactions and a vast network of privileged relationships with decision-makers in industry and services around the world.


Total independence

An independent and neutral player, without conflict of interest, remunerated exclusively by its M&A advisory activities, in perfect alignment with the interests of its client.


Many transactional successes

25 years of experience in the sale and acquisition of companies in Switzerland and abroad, in fund raising and corporate finance.

The multiple symbolism of edelweiss perfectly reflects our values

Our values


The edelweiss, a Swiss symbol.

This national dimension of edelweiss underlines the field experience and Swiss roots of Edelweiss M&A Partners, and its intimate knowledge of the Swiss economic fabric, culture and values.

Its nobility

symbolizes high-end, exclusive and quality services, as well as the irreproachable ethics necessary to conduct transactional processes

Its rarity

gives edelweiss its unique and confidential character. Discretion and confidentiality are keys to success to ensure a smooth process while protecting the company's ecosystem.

The challenge

that this almost inaccessible flower represents for the climbers who went looking for it is like the challenge, the difficulty of carrying out a complex M&A process.