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Transactions conducted
by Edelweiss M&A Partners' partners

Arab Bank / GONET

SELLER ADVISORY - In a strategic partnership, Arab Bank (Switzerland) Ltd. acquires a majority stake in Geneva-based Banque Gonet, creating an innovative banking group with CHF 10 billion in assets under management and a range of products and services unique in private banking. Each entity retains its management autonomy, its name and its banking license.

Naxicap / 3R

CONSULTANT TO THE ACQUIRER - Naxicap Partners, a private equity player based in Lyon (F), becomes the majority shareholder in the 3R - Réseau Radiologique Romand group, alongside its founder, Dr. Dominique Fournier, and key managers, who thus acquire a stake in the company. 3R, based in Sion (VS), is Switzerland's leading network of medical imaging centers, with 12 sites in 4 cantons.

Smile / Virtua

SALES ADVISOR - Smile, based in Asnières (F), Europe's leader in open digital solutions, acquires Virtua, based in Morges, a pioneering digital agency in Switzerland and number one in French-speaking Switzerland according to the LSA rankings. This is Smile's first significant external growth operation since the investment company Eurazeo PME became a shareholder.

Domicim / Brolliet

SALES ADVISOR - Foncia Domicim, leader in real estate services in French-speaking Switzerland and a Swiss subsidiary of Foncia Groupe, enters the Geneva market with the acquisition of Brolliet SA, which has been in family hands for four generations. With 135 employees, offices in Carouge, Nyon and Lausanne, and a highly diversified customer base, Brolliet, a long-standing player, is an ideal complement to the purchaser.

Milestone Capital / ITX

SALES ADVISOR - ITX, based in Geneva (GE), is the leading provider of international intra-group mobility management services, offering optimal solutions to international groups. To support the company's strong growth, ITX's management team has joined forces with London-based European private equity fund Milestone Capital.

Foncia / MK Group

SALES ADVISOR - Foncia Suisse and Domicim, two of the largest real estate players in French-speaking Switzerland, have decided to join forces and merge their activities, with Foncia taking over the entire capital of Lausanne-based Groupe MK SA, which also includes Elitim, Batiline and Facilitim.

Acrotec Group / STS

SELLER ADVISORY - As part of its build-up strategy, the Acrotec Group, based in Develier and a leading independent manufacturer of micromechanical components for luxury watch movements, has acquired STS Saulcy Traitement de Surface SA, based in Le Sentier and La-Chaux-de-Fonds. This acquisition enables Acrotec to extend its know-how to the electroplating sector.

Zahnarztzentrum.ch / Dental Center

SELLER ADVISORY - The Dental Center Group is one of Switzerland's leading chains of dental clinics, and the only player present in both French- and German-speaking Switzerland. The group has been sold to zahnarztzentrum.ch AG, the Swiss market leader previously active only in German-speaking Switzerland.

Little Big Food / Bleu Lézard

VENDOR ADVISORY - Le Bleu Lézard et la Cave du Bleu Lézard in Lausanne is a renowned Lausanne restaurant-club belonging to the Carte Blanche group. As part of its refocusing strategy, Carte Blanche has sold its brand to Little Big Food. With this acquisition, the Geneva-based catering group has significantly strengthened its presence in the on-trade market in French-speaking Switzerland.

Swiss Fresh Water

FUND RAISING - Swiss Fresh Water, based in Romanel-s-Lausanne, specializes in water filtration solutions for emerging markets. After an initial development phase, Swiss Fresh Water needed to simplify its capital structure and raise the funds required to implement its business plan. These funds were raised from several European investors looking for impact projects.

Realstone / Solvalor

SELLER ADVISORY - Solvalor fund management SA, Lausanne, is the management company of the Solvalor 61 direct-ownership real estate investment trust, listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and with over CHF 700 million in net assets. The shareholders have sold the fund management company to Realstone Holding SA, based in Lausanne.

Philippe Cardis / De Rham

ADVISER TO THE SELLER - As part of a strategic refocusing on its core business of property management, Vavite Holding SA, the Lausanne-based holding company of the de Rham real estate group, has sold its brokerage activities to Rham Sotheby's in a management buy-out led by Philippe Cardis.

Debiopharm / Delta Solar

SELLER'S ADVISORY - Debiopharm Investment SA, Lausanne, whose mission is to diversify the assets of the Debiopharm Group™, has created with 4 other investors a company dedicated to renewable energies, managed by Aloe Private Equity SA, to acquire Delta Solar, a French group active in the development of solar projects that manages 9 photovoltaic farms.

SIG / CGC Dalkia

SELLER'S ADVISORY - As part of a strategic refocusing, Dalkia International is selling CGC Dalkia, the leading HVAC services provider in French-speaking Switzerland, to its management team, supported by Services industriels de Genève (SIG), based in Vernier (GE).

TDF / Ad Valem

VENDOR ADVISORY - TDF, a partner to the media and telecoms, is the French leader in digital transport and, with its Ultra High-Speed Network, broadcasts 35 DTT channels. TDF is expanding its expertise and service offering by acquiring Ad Valem Technologies SAS, in Saint-Denis (F), a leader in live fiber optic and satellite transmission of sporting and cultural events.

Blocochauffage MBO

CONSULTANT TO THE SELLER - Blocochauffage Sàrl, Switzerland's leading manufacturer of mobile heating systems, was taken over as part of a management buy-out led by Mr. Gosteli and backed by a pool of private investors.

Regional (Tamedia) / MBO

CONSULTANT TO THE SELLER - As part of its drive to strengthen its presence in the electronic media sector, Tamedia Publications Romandes SA has decided to divest itself of some of its regional publications. In this context, Le Régional in Vevey is being taken over as part of a management buy-out led by Stéphanie Simon. This transaction will ultimately enable Le Régional to regain and maintain its independence.

Quilvest / Acrotec Group

SALES ADVISOR - Groupe Acrotec, based in Develier (JU), is a leader in the micromechanics sector, dedicated to the production of components for luxury watch movements. The multi-family office Quilvest acquires a stake in Acrotec, following the exit of the investment fund EPF Partners.

Zimmer / SoPlus

SALES ADVISOR - Sodem - So Plus (GE) is a leader in the field of motorized instruments for orthopedic surgery. Acquired by Zimmer, a multinational specializing in orthopedic implants, Sodem became Zimmer Surgical SA...

Philippe Glatz / SDG

CONSULTANT TO THE ACQUIRER - Mr. Philippe Glatz, an entrepreneur active in Switzerland, France and Brazil, has acquired Swiss Development Group SA, Geneva, a leading developer of exceptional real estate projects such as Du Parc Kempinski Residences in Chardonne, 51 Degrees in Leukerbad, and including Rockefeller Estates and Rockefeller Living.

Gerofinance / Régie de la Couronne

VENDEUR'S ADVISOR - Régie de la Couronne, Lutry (VD), a renowned property management company in the canton of Vaud, has become a new leader in real estate services in the Lake Geneva region by joining forces with the Geneva-based Gérofinance Dunand group.

Solexia / Max Poulet

SALES ADVISOR - Solexia SAS is an investment company based in Lyon, with several holdings in the agri-food sector. Solexia made its entry into Switzerland with the acquisition of Max Natura SA, in Fribourg, whose Max Poulet chain is the leading mobile chicken rotisserie in French-speaking Switzerland.

Crédit Agricole / Adent

VENDEUR'S ADVISOR - Adent Cliniques Dentaires (VD) is a group of Swiss dental clinics taken over by a new financial investor in association with the managers as part of a national development strategy.


CONSULTANT TO THE SELLER - Mr. Bernard Sottas, founder of the company of the same name, has sold TIG Tôlerie Industrielle de la Gruyère SA, in Bulle, a local player in the cutting, bending and processing of sheet metal, from conceptual design to final assembly, to Mr. Yves Schindler as part of a management buy-out.

Spie / Fanac & Robas

SALES ADVISOR - Fanac & Robas (GE) is a major player in the field of electrical installations in the Geneva region, taken over by the Spie group, European leader in electrical engineering services, as part of an expansion program in Switzerland.

Signet / Anteis

FUNDRAISER ADVISOR - Anteis (GE) is a leader in the field of injectable medical bio-polymers used in cosmetic surgery. The funds raised from Signet have enabled Anteis to develop its own production capacity.

Edifea / Fidias

VENDOR ADVISOR - Fidias, Lutry (VD), specializes in construction management. It was sold to EDIFEA, Le Lignon (GE) as part of the Gérofinance Dunand group's expansion plan for the Lake Geneva region. JPh Hottinguer Corporate Finance was advisor to the shareholders of Fidias SA.

IPH / Zitec

BUYER'S ADVISORY - The IPH Group (Industrial Parts Holding), based in Lyon (F), one of Europe's leading distributors of industrial supplies and owner of the Orexad brand, acquires the German companies tZitec Industrietechnik and Wilhelm Jung, two well-known technical distributors in Germany for mechanical transmissions.

Bunzl / Weita

SALES ADVISOR - Bunzl plc, an international distribution group specializing in non-food consumables, based in London (UK), has made its first Swiss acquisition with Weita, in Arlesheim (AG), which offers logistics solutions and a wide range of consumables for cleaning, hygiene and occupational safety.

VTG / Rexwal Services

VENDOR ADVISORY - VTG, a leading international railcar rental and logistics company based in Hamburg (D), has acquired the freight car fleet of RXS Rexwal Services SA, an independent rail services provider based in Lancy (GE).

TLS / Anilox

BUYER'S ADVISORY - TLS TeroLab Surface Group, the European leader in surface treatment by thermal coating, headquartered in Lausanne, has acquired Anilox Services Sàrl, Nyon, a specialist in ceramic coating and laser engraving on anilox printing cylinders.

Modenacars / Grimm Sud

SALES ADVISOR - With its downtown premises cramped for space, Geneva-based Ferrari and Maserati dealer Modena Cars SA has acquired the real estate assets of the Grimm Sud garage in Plan-les-Ouates (GE), to offer its customers a genuine experience with much more space.

Providente / Guillod Gunther

SELLER'S ADVISORY - With the intention of creating a watchmaking cluster, Providente, a private equity subsidiary of the French Natixis group, has acquired Guillod Gunther, a manufacturer of high-end watch cases based in La Chaux-de-Fonds, in a secondary buyout from Leman Capital.

Ariston Thermo Group / Cipag

SALES ADVISOR - Ariston Thermo Group, based in Fabriano (I), world leader in the heating sector, has acquired Cipag, in Puidoux (VD), and its subsidiary Domotec, in Aarburg (AG), which offer a complete range of multi-energy heating and hot water systems.

BASF / Orgamol

SALES ADVISOR - BASF, the world's largest chemicals group, Ludwigshafen (D), has acquired Orgamol, Evionnaz (VS), Switzerland's leading privately-owned producer of fine chemicals, active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and generics.

Sandhar Technologies / Tecfisa

CONSULTANT TO THE SELLER, THEN TO THE BUYER - Sandhar Technologies Limited, in New Dehli (IN), a leader in automotive subcontracting, has acquired Tecfisa, in Santa Margarida i els Monjos (E), a world leader in the production of coils for seatbelt retractors and other high-volume aluminum injection castings.

Camille Fournet / Montremo

BUYER'S ADVISORY - Camille Fournet (F) is the leading manufacturer of prestige watch bracelets. As part of their strategy to create a watchmaking subcontracting platform, Camille Fournet's shareholders have taken over a majority stake in Montremo (NE), one of the most renowned companies in the production of meticulous watch dials.

UBS / Close Trustees

MANAGERS' ADVISORY - UBS, the world's leading wealth manager and Switzerland's largest retail and commercial bank, has refinanced the MBO of Close Trustees (Switzerland) SA, a leading independent trust and fiduciary services group based in Geneva.

Danaher / LEM

SELLER ADVISORY - Danaher, an industrial group based in Washington DC (USA), active in environmental processes and controls, tools and components, has acquired the Instruments division of the LEM group, in Plan-les-Ouates (GE), specialized in the measurement of electrical parameters, offering solutions ranging from detection to signal analysis and visualization.

Naef / Sogirom

SALES ADVISOR - Naef, one of the largest real estate companies in French-speaking Switzerland, based in Geneva, has taken over the management of Sogirom, Lausanne, from BCV, which is refocusing on its core businesses.

Rolex Beyeler & Cie

SALES ADVISOR - Beyeler & Cie (Ge) is a high-end dial manufacturer whose main customer was Rolex. As part of its industrial verticalization strategy, Rolex took over its subcontractor.

Capvis / Orior

SELLER'S ADVISORY - Capvis, Switzerland's leading private equity fund based in Zurich, supported management in the takeover of Geneva-based Orior Food SA, a company specializing in meat processing (notably Ticinella, Rapelli and Spiess brands) and ready-to-eat meals for the retail and foodservice sectors.

Nagel-Gruppe / EFT

SALES ADVISOR - European leader in cold logistics and transport of sensitive foodstuffs, Nagel Gruppe, based in Versmold (D), has acquired a minority stake in Euro-Frais Transit SA (now LRG Logistics SA), a subsidiary of LRG Groupe SA, now absorbed into Laiteries Réunies Société coopérative, in Plan-les-Ouates (GE).

MTA / Sysmelec

BUYER'S ADVISORY - Sysmelec (NE) is a well-known company in the field of special machine development. As part of their strategy to create a group active in automation and microtechnology, the shareholders of MTA Automation AG are taking over the entire capital of Sysmelec.

Swatch Group / François Golay

SALES ADVISOR - François Golay (VD) is a company specializing in high-end watchmaking screw-cutting operations. With the rapid development of its collaboration with the Swatch Group, François Golay's shareholder decided to sell the company to its main customer.

Notz Metall / Jacques Allemann

SALES ADVISOR - Jacques Allemann (JU) is the Swiss specialist in small-diameter wire drawing. The company was sold to the Notz Metall Group as part of the succession plan of its shareholder.


SALES ADVISOR - Mauler & Cie (NE) is a winery specializing in the production of sparkling wines using the traditional Champagne method. As part of a restructuring process, a group of private investors invested in the company's capital.

Sulzer Medica / IntraTherapeutics

BUYER'S COUNSEL - Sulzer Medica, a leading biomedical company specializing in orthopedic and cardiovascular implants, based in Winterthur (ZH), has acquired IntraTherapeutics, Inc. of St. Paul (MN), to strengthen its position in the fast-growing market for peripheral stents and vascular products.